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Influencer marketing

Your social media account should be an extension of your brand. Next to this, as a brand you want to make sure your content reaches the right people. With influencer marketing you can tell the story of your brand and start conversation with your desired target group. This contributes to online branding, online storytelling, community building, social engagement, traffic and sales.


Our services are tailor-made and tailored to the wishes of each unique assignment. We can actively help with:

Social media strategy: finding the perfect match, searching for influencers on the most suitable channels and matching the brand.
Approaching influencers and agreeing on budgets, based on the influencer insights (reach, impressions, likes, comments, shares, story views and average engagement).

Drawing up an influencer agreement, containing agreements on targets, copyright, confidentiality clause, penalty clause, exclusivity and Advertising Code Social Media. Briefing the guidelines of the campaign, with which influencers create suitable content that matches the campaign 100%.

Measuring and reporting the campaign. By measuring influencer insights and statistics, we report the effect of the campaign.

How do you reach Gen Z?

How do you best reach Gen Z and Zillennials (meaning: Nobody knows whether they’re a millennial or gen Z so we settled on the next best thing).

As DIE-advocates we create iconic connenctions, build communities, ensure more interaction with the desired target group, generate more traffic to the website and focus on more sales of products. How do we do this? By matching influencers that fit the brand and finding the right channels to reach the target group. This can be done through various social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, but also through offline events, which generate just as much impact online.

Obviously we do this with an important reason. Gen Z and Zillennials are no longer convinced by traditional advertising. To reach Gen Z and the Zillennials target group it is important to get to know them first.