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Executive Assistant

You are the right hand of the Founder/CEO. You are THE manager of her agenda. Your spontaneous character and mindset makes you not afraid to reach out to her at whatever time. 

Goal of the position:

As her partner in crime, you make sure there’s room for the most important responsibilities. The goal is that she can open her agenda in the morning and start working on the tasks, without any concern. 

Besides this you are responsible for administrative support like writing correspondence, emailing, handling visitors, routing callers, and answering questions and requests.

 Your spontaneous character and mindset makes you an addition to the Agency. 

Goal of the position

  • You manage a multi-disciplinary calendar  (CEO) (e.g. Partner, Clients, Departments) and plan their time and tasks;
  • You will be working closely with the CEO, and support with the day-to-day operations. 

What will you be doing? 


  • Making (internal and external) planning sheets;
  • Following up on planning and adjusting where necessary;
  • Planning review moments and other meeting (sanity checks and sign offs);
  • Creating status overviews and keeping track of progress;
  • Checking calendars vs. planning;
  • Making sure the client delivers all relevant information on time.
  • Planning review sessions.

Business Administration 

  • Tracking the time of CEO;
  • Making sure the targets are met;
  • Assisting in Financial tasks (Finance reports CEO);
  • Salary administration.

Assessing Work

  • Checking if delivered work adheres to general agreements made with the client;
  • Planning review sessions;
  • Support in New Business, Pitches and creating Decks


Competences & Qualities 

  • Punctuality and flexibility while planning and organizing; 
  • Proactive, independent and hands-on!
  • People oriented and approachable; 
  • Strong communicator; 
  • Excellent in Dutch and English;


Do you love Influencer Marketing and do you have a knack for sales, pitches, new media, opportunity identification and account management? This might be your perfect job! 

Please scroll down to read what exciting IM adventures are awaiting for you.

What is the role about?

Brand Partnerships Managers are an essential part of the agency.

You are the connection between the agency, the client and our partners. You work closely with these parties to discover their needs and objectives, in order to (co-)develop and pitch creatively strategic plans based on smart KPIs. Measuring success and optimizing your work based on continuous learnings are key. In order to thrive in your daily business you are on the forefront of new media trends. Implementing the latest trends and new media know-how when creating strategic and tailored-made plans for your clients is what makes your work stand out. 

Goal of the position: 

  • You identify and maximize opportunities to generate (new) business both with new clients and existing clients, collaborating with our partners and your internal team;
  • You create tailored-made sales decks and creative plans; backed by data 
  • You represent the agency to the client and third parties, and are able to service them adequately.

What will you be doing?

Strategizing & Pitching:

  • Creatively strategize based on customer’s needs; Setting up KPIs & objectives;
  • Daily trend & new media research;
  • Pitch pitch pitch!


  • Manage sales pipeline together with CEO 
  • Following up on clients on their marketing activities and how we can help service them;
  • Creating status overviews and keeping track of progress. 
  • Briefing teams; Scheduling and checking up on Creatives, Designer, Copywriter;
  • Planning & Trafficking;
  • Giving feedback to team members;
  • Keeping team spirit high;


  • Making cost estimations based on client briefing; Presenting and explain costs to clients
  • Maintaining cost overviews;
  • Ensuring efficiency and profitability of projects; Checking budgeted hours versus actual hours;
  • Requesting POs from clients

Servicing clients

  • Having (daily) contact with clients
  • Planning new briefings/ campaigns;
  • Planning review moments and other meetings;
  • Making sure the client delivers all relevant information on time;

Competences & Qualities (3-5 years experience)

  • Relationship

You have experience in servicing clients and creators and building a relationship with them. You have great people, communication and negotiation skills in English (and Dutch is a plus). 

  • Presentation

You need excellent presentation skills, and have demonstrable experience in this field.

  • Leadership

You are able to lead a team of people by regularly checking in with them, guiding them through the process and motivating them. You are perceived as authoritative, you can give clear orders, delegate as well as filter and deliver relevant information. You know how to carefully deliver feedback and remain calm at all times.  

  • Planning & Organization

You are able to dissect complex tasks into smaller steps and create short- and long-term planning documents. You work precisely and organized and you are able to keep the overview. 

  • Cost Management 

You are able to make and present cost estimations and oversee budgets. You are commercially minded and strive to deliver cost-efficient work. 

  • Risk Management

You are able to oversee the entire process from briefing to deliver and flag potential bottlenecks in every phase of the workflow. You are solution-oriented, analytical and decisive. You must have problem-solving thinking, allowing you to quickly identify issues that arise in carrying out our strategy and growth management plan. 

  • Media Skills

You have knowledge of (new) media specs, formats and general social media trends, influencer marketing and developments. You are inquisitive and eager to stay up-to-date.


Strategy & Account Manager

As a Strategy & Account Manager you are responsible for setting up the most creative-first, innovative & KPI-driven campaigns for our Partners and Clients. You ensure that we are always on top of the new media game. You work closely with the Brand Partnership Manager and support in leading a team of talented Campaign Managers. That makes you an important role in liaising between the agency and its Partners Boomerang Agency and Publicis Groupe, the Clients and our team. 

The goal of the Influencer Strategy & Account Manager is to set up, lead and drive the influencer marketing strategies of our clients. You visit and approach potential customers, you focus on doing market research and consult with your customers, in order to set up and sell creative strategies that match the needs and wishes of our customers. You have a solid knowledge of TikTok, Instagram and Twitch – and you love identifying new opportunities in any way possible.

What will you be doing? 


  • Translate client briefings into creative, bold, outspoken, strategic and innovative pitch proposals (+ team formations)
  • Be a sparring Partner for your clients and team; Brand Partnership Managers & Campaign Managers
  • Set up on-brief and KPI-driven creative influencer campaign frameworks
  • Maintain Partnerships with Boomerang Agency & Publicis Groupe in order to mutually understand each others business and integrate influencer marketing into your Partners’ (potential) campaigns


  • Responsible to the client for the output of the team. Is judged on the quality and the process;
  • Maintain relationships based on trust with the client. to ensure the team can work with confidence.
  • Works with clients at a strategic level to shape long-term influencer marketing integrated plans; also challenging Partners and Brands to provoke fruitful conversations about the influencer industry..  
  • Pitching campaign proposals to new and existing Partners (Boomerang Agency & Publicis Groupe ) and clients 

Project/ Campaign

  • Oversee the maintenance and execution of campaigns that support the agency narrative and leverages company milestones
  • Support creating department decks and cases
  • Keeping track of the objectives, budgets and KPI’s
  • Liaising between the client and the agency
  • Reporting to the Clients, Lead IM & CEO.

Competences & Qualities 

  • 4-6 years of work experience in a creative, digital, advertising or marketing environment
  • Strong knowledge of (influencer) marketing and (social) media strategies 
  • Interest in finding out new media, industry features & marketing tactics
  • Strong stage presence and persuasive
  • Independent, driven, strategic, creative, responsible and optimistic


  • Providing input to help shape the Agency and support the CEO in setting up new propositions
  • Managing new leads on new and existing Partners and Clients
  • Maintaining relationships with Partners and Clients
  • Responsible for departmental targets (performance & effectiveness)